Financial IC card, also called the chip banking card, is a kind of banking card with the chip as the media. During the 12th Five-Year Plan, the People´s Bank of China will fully propel the application of financial IC cards so as to drive the industry upgrade and sustainable development of China´s banking card sector.
For the financial IC card market, TMC has designed the THD86 series chip, a smart card chip featuring large capacity, dual-interface and high security, which is particularly ideal for the application scenarios of dual-interface banking cards. Meanwhile, it supports the homegrown algorithm, so this chip also meets the application upgrade requirement of PBOC 3.0´s SM2/3/4 algorithms.
THD86 is China´s first dual-interface chip that obtains the security certificate for the chips used by China UnionPay cards and also the second chip getting the Level-2 State Cryptography Security Certificate. In order to help customers shorten the time for their products to go to market, TMC also launches total solutions covering such applications as PBOC credit/debit, electronic cash and QPBOC that are based on the THD86 chip.

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