Mobile payment allows users to use the mobile terminals to pay for goods or services they consume. Mobile payment mainly consists of near field payment and remote payment. Remote payment completes the transactions by mobile terminals through directly exchanging with backend servers via accessing the wireless communications networks. Near field payment allows mobile terminals to complete the transactions online or offline via the physical terminals in the transaction field.
Based on the current situation of the mobile payment, TMC has launched different solutions for NFC mobile phones and non-NFC mobile phones to meet various customer requirements. TMC’s chips are widely used by China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom and China UnionPay for lots of mobile payment projects, as a result of which TMC has established good reputation in the mobile payment industry.


TMC is the first chipmaker commercializing the SWP-SIM chip.

13.56M all-in-one card solution

TMC provides the THD86 series of products featuring lower power consumption and high performance

Dual-interface SIM Card Mobile payment Solution

Dual-interface SIM card mobile payment solution