100% Full Credit! TMC Successfully Passes State Grid Metering Center’s RTC Full Credit Test

Published:2016-12-23 17:08
——100% Full Credit! TMC Successfully Passes State Grid Metering Center’s RTC Full Credit Test

On January 23, the RTC prototype of TMC’s THTRC805 chip successfully passed State Grid Metering Center’s full credit test with single-phase and three-phase meters of multiple models from several industry-leading meter producers.

The RTC full credit test mainly includes the experiment of daily timing error and the experiment of influence of environment temperature on daily timing error. Major meter producers participate into the test for several times every year, with full credit being necessary for every test. To achieve the full credit, lots of prototype meters are necessary. The functional performance indicators of the RTC full credit prototypes determines the efficiency of the prototype preparation. If using the RTC full credit prototypes of existing products in the market, only 10% of sample meters can meet the full credit standards defined by the State Grid Metering Center.

The RTC full credit prototype of THTRC805, which passes the test, delivers the zero error with several models of meters. Moreover, sample meters adopting this RTC full credit prototype can even achieve full credits, enabling the real full credit. Thanks to the sophisticated process, the RTC full credit prototype of THTRC805 has the much shorter supply cycle than existing products, mitigating the problem of “shortage of RTC full credit prototype” suffered by major meter producers when providing sample meters to State Grid Metering Center for the test purpose. Meanwhile, it addresses the urgency that small and medium-sized meter producers cannot obtain the full credit chips of original products.

Currently TMC is capable of stably supplying THTRC805. In the future, TMC will continue our commitments to ongoing innovation so as to provide customers with safer and more stable meter chips.