TMC Wins Secure & Reliable Product Prize of China Chip Award

Published:2016-12-14 15:56
——TMC Wins Secure & Reliable Product Prize of China Chip Award

November 24, Chengdu – Thanks to its THD88, TMC received the Secure & Reliable Product Prize at the 2016 China IC Industry Promotion Congress & 11th China Chip Awarding Ceremony. This prize demonstrates no only TMC’s rock-solid product security but also the industry’s high recognition of THD88 offerings. It is learned that this session of China Chip Award features the largest scale, the highest profile and the fiercest competition in its history.

The Secure & Reliable Product Prize of China Chip Award is designed for single Chinese chips with indigenous security protection measures. The award-wining dual-interface THD88 for financial IC cards represents TMC’s highly secure product designed for the financial IC card market, which has such features as large capacity, high security, high performance and lower power consumption. As a chip with the highest security currently in China, THD88 is widely used in a broad range of industry applications such as resident health card, social security card and transit card.

THD88 has won the China UnionPay Chip Security Certificate, China UnionPay Embedded Software Security Certificate, ISCCC EAL4+ Certificate, OSCCA Level 2 Certificate, international CC EAL5+ certificate and EMVCo Certificate. It’s the world’s only financial security chip that boasts of the CC EAL5+ Certificate, China UnionPay Card Chip Security Certificate and the OSCCA Level 2 Certificate. THD88’s design and management process has met the international standards, while its indigenous security protection measures have won several national invention patent certificates. Being highly competitive in both performance and cost in international markets, THD88, as TMC’s major product for financial security, rises suddenly with its outstanding performance and quality at the time of the emergence of local banking card chips. It has been included into the purchase plans of many Chinese banks and falls into short supply with sales rising continuously. Looking into the future, TMC will introduce products of better performance and quality in a response to high opinions from both markets and industries.